Information to the Parents

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Parents play a decisive role in the development of students in their formative years. Therefore the school expects the whole hearted co-operation from the parents.

Parents are requested to co-operate with the school authorities by enforcing regularity and discipline to prepare their lessons daily and to take an active and salutary interest in the activities of the school. Pupils who came to class without completing their daily work will be kept back in the H.M’s Office to compete their work.

Parents are particularly requested to sign Message, Progress Report, Weekly Reports or any other similar documents when so requested. Parents are requested not to give extra money to their children other than for bus travel.

Parents are strictly not permitted to visit their wards or any teacher in the classroom during school hours.
No Pupil or Staff will be called to the phone during school hours.

Parents are not supposed to go to any of the classrooms after the prayer bell in the Mornings and in the afternoons. At the prayer bell parents should not remain in the corridor unless to meet the H.M. Or the office staff.

Parents are requested to attend the meeting at the said time when called for during the academic year.

For project work encourage your child to collect necessary material through old books, magazines and News papers. See that they do not go to the Cyber or Internet to get the information.