I met Master Akshay Shenoy on Indigo flight to Hyderabad on 18th May 24. He is a 5th Std student in our Nalanda English Medium School and is enjoying the flight. He joined in the first Std and he loves his school and happy that he is studying here. Seema Miss was his class teacher and he has learnt a lot from her. He respects his Principal Savitha Kamath. He has no fights with any class mates. He likes to play cricket and learning Key Board playing. He has not yet decided about his Profession in the future. Yes, he wants to visit the State Museum (Salarjung) in Hyderabad and learn about the history and culture of his Country. No, so far he has not visited any museum but only the biogarden at Pilikula, Mangalore which he liked very much. He is glad we met.
Dr. Kasturi Mohan Pai